Germantown Real Estate and Homes For Sale

Real Estate Price Ranges

Single-Family Homes: $184,900 - $575,000
Condominiums: $82,900 - $389,900
Two-Family Homes/Duplexes: $190,000 - $289,900


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Village of Germantown

Census 2010 Population Count: 19,749
Census 2013 Population Count (estimate): 19,788

2010 Census Data

Total Population: 19,749
Average Family Size: 3.03
Average Household Size: 2.53
Total Housing Units: 8,092
Occupied Housing Units: 7,766
Housing Units Owned with a Mortgage or a Loan: 4,583
Housing Units Owned Free and Clear: 1,545
Housing Units Renter Occupied: 1,638



Germantown Real Estate

Germantown Real Estate For Sale - Single Family Homes

Price RangeBedrooms   Price RangeBedrooms
Under $200,0002+ 3+ 4+   $300,000-$400,000 3+ 4+
$200,000-$250,0002+ 3+ 4+   $400,000-$600,000 3+ 4+
$250,000-$300,0002+ 3+ 4+   Over $600,000 3+ 4+


Germantown Real Estate For Sale - Two-Family Homes

All Germantown Duplexes


Germantown Real Estate For Sale - Condos

Price RangeBedrooms   Price RangeBedrooms
Under $150,0001+ 2+ 3+   Over $150,000 1+ 2+ 3+




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